Premarital Counseling

You and your loved one work to explore and strengthen your relationship. The goal is to ensure a strong and healthy relationship. As a couple, you begin to explore areas that need growth and areas of strength in your relationship. During the therapy sessions, the counselor works with you on establishing personal, couple and family goals.


Marriage Counseling

With counseling, couples work to understand and appreciate personality differences and develop a more balanced and enriched relationship. Marriage therapy helps to identify and manage major stressors in your relationship.  Our counselors are trained and experienced in different methods of counseling for couples that help enhance relationships and resolve potential marital conflicts. The counselor encourages you to explore topics including: communication skills, conflict resolution, and financial planning and budgeting.


Family Counseling

Family counseling sessions work to provide you the skills needed to deepen the family connections and strengthen communication skills within the family. The counselor works with your family to address any struggles and resolve any conflicts you may be facing. Family sessions are tailored by the counselor for each family’s unique style.



Individual Therapy

The goal is to increase the sense of your well-being. It is a journey of self-discovery and helps to address issues and resolve barriers that may hinder you from enjoying life. The counselor helps you to address topics such as depression, anxiety, phase of life changes, career transitions, self-esteem issues and self-empowerment.


Trauma Focused Therapy

Trauma therapy is designed to address the needs of children and adolescents who have experienced traumatic events. The goal is to manage the trauma and the distressing thoughts associated with it. Trauma focused counseling addresses the issues of depression, anxiety, trauma-related shame and trust.


Refugee Counseling

Our therapists understand the refugee mental health, and are able to provide culturally competent care to the newly immigrated residents.