Chemical Dependency

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Driving with Care Education
Driving with care is a DWI/DUI education program that is designed to meet the requirements ordered by the court after a DWI/DUI. The courses are designed to change your thinking and decision making processes through cognitive based learning. All Driving with Care Classes are facilitated and taught by Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors.

Class Levels:

Level 1:
12 hour course held over six sessions.

Level 2:
24 hour course held over 12 sessions.

Level 1: $190.00
Level 2: $350.00

Class Times:
Call for class time and dates
Classes are available in English and in Hmong.

Chemical Assessment
Includes Adult Substance Use and Driving (ASUDS-R) Survey

The chemical assessment includes a diagnostic test, and summarizes your chemical use history. The licensed chemical health professional will use the assessment to recommend appropriate services and level of care.

Hmong Sobriety Group

The Hmong Sobriety Group is designed to address the needs of the Hmong community members in recovery and to help them remain sober. This group has come to call themselves “Hmong Sobriety: Kev Koom Tes” it is a safe place and functions as a self-help group for members to meet and support each other.